Story by Alexandra Bunn

Get Fresh at the Cherry Cricket

We’ve gotten pretty used to hearing people, ranging from longtime locals to celebrity chefs, rave about our burgers. So we thought we’d let you in on a little secret from the kitchen: Our burgers are always fresh, never frozen, and are sourced from right here in the awesome Rocky Mountain region.

And keeping it fresh is not some buzzword or trend to us – it’s our tradition, and it’s one we’ll never change. It’s an approach that has earned us a ton of placements on Best of Denver lists in just about every publication in town, and even earned us a spot as one of “The Best Things I Ever Ate” on the Food Network.

That’s because we have the same high standards you do when it comes to what you eat. We’re so fired up about providing you with the best in burgers in Denver that we only use locally sourced and packed beef. Keeping it local means there’s no reason to mess around with a freezer that could sacrifice the quality of your delicious custom-crafted burger.

And since we love to keep it real at the Cricket, we only serve hormone and antibiotic free beef. We’re happy to let our beef take a little longer to get to your plate, spending more time living a more natural life if that means we can feel great about serving it to you!

So, yeah, we’re going to keep on doing what we do. At the Cricket, our locally-sourced, hormone and antibiotic free, 100% Angus beef might be the only thing more fresh than our servers. (And that’s saying something!)

We’ll let your doctor handle your antibiotics, and save the ice for your cocktails – which we’ll happily serve up alongside the best, freshest burgers in Denver.